Outrageous Fortune, or Go, Jenny, Go!

March 18, 2009 at 4:47 am (Uncategorized)

Just a quick post from me today… I’ve been redrafting like a demon and now I’m out of time… things to do, things to do. But it’s a glorious day here today, and it’s been like this all week. I’m especially pleased because one of the Victorian Darklings is in Sydney this week attending an ASA (Australian Society of Authors) course, and it’s pretty hard not falling in love with this town when it’s looking like this. I hope she’s swooning.

Actually, I daresay she really is: I know you’ll all be thrilled to hear that Jenny had her meeting with Australia’s largest and oldest literary agency yesterday, and she’s officially been offered representation. WOOHOO!!! They’re signing contracts on Friday, and then she’s away! IT CAN HAPPEN. It really can happen. And in this case, it couldn’t happen to a better person. We’re all beside ourselves with Darkling pride, shaking our feathers and waddling around the pond perimeter quacking with glee. It’s so incredibly exciting, and what’s even better is that I’ll be seeing Jenny tomorrow night and buying her a congratulatory drink in person. You know how I love serendipity, and it’s wonderfully serendipitous that here Jenny is this week, in Sydney, just in time to be signed to an agent and go out clicking her heels with three of the four other Darklings. What are the chances of that? Ordinarily, pretty slim. So it’s pretty outrageous that it’s all happening at just the right time. 

Jenny, Darkling, Changeling, published author, represented author and all round good egg, I salute you with love.



  1. Pete said,

    Quack quack! And congrats to your friend. That’s great news.

  2. litlove said,

    Lovely to hear some encouraging news in a generally bleak publishing picture right now! Many congratulations to Jenny! (your turn next)

  3. Lilian Nattel said,

    Congratulations Jenny!!

    And Di, how lovely of you to celebrate your friend’s progress.

  4. doctordi said,

    It IS great news, and it IS encouraging in an always tight and additionally contracted industry – especially in Australia, where we just don’t have the numbers. It’s one part of a long process, but it’s very affirming, and just fabulous for Jenny. And of course, let’s not forget it’s also very inspirational for those of us sharing the journey with her – Jenny’s success in landing an agent is undoubtedly a boost to us all.

  5. Charlotte said,

    Hey, congratulations to Jenny, and to you and your lovely-sounding bunch of Darklings who sound just the crew a writing gal needs to get her through the crap times – as well as being there to celebrate the good milestones that are huge but somehow inexplicably so, and that may look ornery, to normal people. I get the feeling there’s a long life ahead in friendship of yours…

  6. doctordi said,

    Well hello there, Charlotte, and welcome to DoctorDi! They don’t just SOUND lovely, they ARE lovely, and absolutely there through good times and bad. Not sure what I did before meeting them last September. Yes, it’s so, so true and funny that our milestones are mole hills to normal people – when I explain what it means in real (or economic) terms, their expressions change into something like confusion and pity. Hilarious!

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