The Perfect Full Circle

May 7, 2009 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)

Sometimes I just have to believe in serendipity, the world leaves me no choice. Take this latest turn of events. I heard back from Matt Huynh, the kind and helpful (and, oh yeah, talented) artist/illustrator I was hoping to persuade to collaborate with me. He knocked me back – very nicely – but suggested a number of other avenues to explore and individuals to approach. One of the first names on the list was Marcelo Baez. 

‘Marcelo Baez,’ I thought to myself, ‘Marcelo Baez, Marcelo Baez…hmmm… that name is extremely familiar…why is that name so familiar…?’

I clicked on the link Matt supplied to Marcelo’s website


There was Marcelo, and some of his extremely cool work, and the cogs in my brain finally turned, locked, and loaded. Marcelo Baez – of course! Llew and I used to work with him at The Australian newspaper ten, eleven years ago now. I think I didn’t recognise his name immediately because I just wasn’t expecting to know any of the people Matt suggested I contact. It just threw me for a second there, but wow, here was someone I used to work and have the occasional drink with. Hey! I know Marcelo! Better yet, I have great memories of this guy – we used to have a fine time. I didn’t take my job very seriously – I was flogging ad space at the time – so Llew and I could often be found loitering in Marcelo’s department disrupting whatever he and Barb were doing, which was always way more interesting than trying to persuade someone to book a quarter page full colour. Their department was an excellent place to hide. 

But wait. It gets better. For my 25th birthday party invitation, we lifted the AKIRA poster, and Marcelo turned it into DIANA instead (“Bar Cleveland is about to EXPLODE!”). Marcelo used a photo of me to replace Akira’s anime head with a drawing of my own (I can’t remember how he did this, but I think it was a digital image), and then we changed all the credits at the bottom of the film poster into venue details. It was and remains the coolest birthday invitation I have ever seen, let alone sent out. I still have one somewhere, and I’m going to go find it the second I upload this post. My granddad kept his invite hanging for the rest of his life (over four years), and I had one old school friend collect those I sent other friends and tell me on the night of the party that he was saving them for when I “became famous.” Sorry, Stephen, old boy, you’re going to be waiting an awfully loooong time for that… maybe he’ll be able to unload them in the next life. 

Anyway, I’m not done with this story. The thing is, this invitation Marcelo did for me inspired the original comic reference in the very first draft of my manuscript all those many moons ago. It was a reference to Akira, and there was also a minor character, a brief love interest of the main character’s, who was a comic artist. In subsequent drafts, this character’s role grew and grew, and now, aside from the narrator, he is the most important character in the book. Of course the character isn’t based on Marcelo, not at all, my comic artist is a figment of my imagination, but my fascination with comics and the people who draw them certainly dates to hanging out with Marcelo and Barb when I should have been making calls to potential advertisers. And the invitation is undoubtedly responsible – in a long chain of creative thought over many years – for that character’s creation. 

So when I think of the collaboration I have in mind now, it seems that this peculiar twist of fate all but demands that Marcelo be the illustrator who comes on board. It is a perfect full circle if ever I’ve seen one, and all things considered, it really has to be him now he’s back in the frame. Don’t you think? It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing it now. He has to do it.

Marcelo may have very different ideas about this, of course, but I’ve already sent him a babbling “Oh my god, oh my god!” email, and I hope his memories of Llew and me are at least positive enough that he’ll consent to hearing me out. As I said in the email, I’m buying!



  1. Jenny said,


  2. doctordi said,

    Isn’t it? So strange. And after tipping my entire apartment upside down (it wasn’t where I thought it was…), I have FINALLY located my poster… it really is the coolest thing. I love it. I wonder if Marcelo remembers it…? I haven’t had a response from him yet, but keep those digits firmly CROSSED.

  3. Grad said,

    I would call this Kismet – big time. Mark me well, it is already written in the stars so there is no way he can deny you now! Or else, very bad juju…(why am I talking like this? I think I took too many antihistamines.) Seriously, this sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

  4. davidrochester said,

    How wonderful! I think it’s a good sign. The universe is nudging you in good directions. 🙂

  5. Lilian Nattel said,

    Wonderful! Keep us posted about his reply.

  6. doctordi said,

    Kismet, a good sign, wonderful – I’m with you!! SO WHERE IS HE AND WHY HASN’T HE WRITTEN BACK…?

  7. litlove said,

    Hope you’ve heard from him by now, Di, as he sounds just the ticket! And that birthday invitation also sounds splendid – no chance you’d upload one here for us to see…..?

  8. doctordi said,

    I have and he does and it is!

    Llew’s actually taken the invite into the office today to scan it, so yeah, I might even be able to upload it for you… if you behave.

  9. Jewelene said,

    Upload. Upload. I promise to be good…tomorrow.

  10. doctordi said,

    I can’t figure it out… It seems to have uploaded and then saved the image in a gallery, and I clicked save all changes, but when I went back to the main page, nothing had appeared…. Hmmm…

  11. mn2wa said,

    ugh. i think yer a bloke that knew better. all of these fucks. whether they are women or men (or in between – i have respect for gender). either you knew. or not. and. if not. well then. find me… i may be stupid. or i may be dumb. i aint both. but i will tell you what. yes. no. decide. goodbye.

  12. mn2wa said,

    ugh i just rolled that comment way higher. sorry. im a rookie

  13. mn2wa said,


  14. mn2wa said,

    i was trying 2 save a relationship not an upload

  15. mn2wa said,

    btw my mn to wa is state by state not gay reptile

  16. mn2wa said,


  17. mn2wa said,

    blah blah bah. i read it. whatever. i’m an art history major.
    you people can suck each other off all night. how about letting someone new in?
    seriously. shit. i’m alone… with my dog. and we want to get laid. not together. actually he’s passed out. brought him to the dog park today. i am lonely….. pleeeeeeeeze not a fuckerhead.

  18. doctordi said,

    I’m sorry mn2wa, but I really can’t help you with ‘getting laid,’ and nor can any of my blog friends. I’m not entirely sure what else is being expressed above, but I am sorry you’re lonely. The blogosphere is full of people looking for different things – and I wish you all the best in finding people who are looking for the same things as you.

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