Award Season is Just *So* Frantic…

July 14, 2009 at 6:43 am (Uncategorized)

I don’t really understand how these blog awards work, but Charlotte over at Charlotte’s Web has just won one (and a very worthy winner she is, too), and kindly tagged me as one of seven ‘nominees.’ While slightly confused about my role (does this mean I am an award recipient now too?? Or am I simply helping Charlotte fulfil certain requirements so that she may claim her prize?? I have no idea, but regardless it’s lovely to be included!), I am very happy to oblige by completing the meme, in which I list 7 personality traits and then nominate 7 bloggers for similar disclosures (I think). Okay, here goes.

1. I love food, always have, and I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about and planning my next meals. Yes, you read that right. Meals. At breakfast, I’m not only wondering what’s on the menu and in the fridge for lunch and dinner, I’m also asking myself how I feel about the next day’s breakfast. Am I truly satisfied with what I’m eating right now, or can I do better?

2. I’m very talkative by nature, but I have taken pains in recent years to shut the fuck up, and as a result I volunteer a lot less in person and over the phone than I used to. I am sure most people haven’t noticed any change whatsoever, and I feel really irrationally begrudged by this.

3. I adore laughing. I had a supreme giggling fit in bed with my husband just after the laparoscopy, and I was so sore and tender that laughing really, really hurt, but I couldn’t stop, and I kept saying, “O-o-o-u-c-h…” as I lay there writhing and laughing, and this just made Llew scream harder, which naturally set me off again, and we laughed until I honestly thought I was going to bust the stitches. It was the best. It’s funny (no, really it is), but whenever I have a laughing fit, I remember two things. Without fail. One is getting in trouble from my arsehole ex-stepfather (now out of my life, mercy be, for the past 25 years) for getting the giggles (what kind of person gets incredibly angry when a kid can’t stop laughing?). The other is the day my best friends at school – Deb, Flick and Lisa – and I were struck by an incurable case of the unstoppable titters during science class with Mr Ware, who was the last word in science teacher nerdiness. He was just like Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella before he drinks the magic potion. He put one, two, three of us in three corners of the room, and when he went to point to the final corner, there was a bin already sitting there, and it totally flummoxed him. He got so flustered by the lack of spare corner that he put one of us – I can’t remember who – equidistant from corners A and B along the back wall. This corner choreography just sent us into more helpless paroxysms that still raise a smirk from me 20 fond years later. I’m no longer friends with Lisa, but I dreamt about her just the other day.

4. I love clothes, shoes, and accessories (I don’t have my ears pierced, but I love a good necklace and have some great ones),and I enjoy shopping unless I am having a dreaded Fat Day (these tend to coincide with my cycle; never a good time for swimsuits) or unless I am too broke to buy anything. The latter is frequently the case, so then I just avoid the stores like they’re housing a virulent strain of swine flu. I never enter stores where I can’t afford to shop. Llew can’t understand this, so he dragged me into a Louis Vuitton in Bangkok, and I hated, hated, hated every excruciating second. He doesn’t try to make me now.

5. I like to think I’m a good friend, at least I certainly try to be, but I remain disappointingly insecure about whether or not people really like me. An example. I’ve recently sent an overseas friend – someone I have known for nearly two decades and who flew to Australia for my wedding – a number of texts and Facebook messages, and the lack of response eats away at me. Rationally, I know I haven’t done anything wrong, but reason doesn’t always carry the day in my feverish mind. I fret about this at least once a day, but a really sick stubbornness prevents me from just calling and saying hi.

6. I have an ugly jealous streak. It’s definitely closely related to #5, and I control it these days by not drinking too much.

7. I’m not remotely as scary as some people seem to think I am. I’ve never understood anyone thinking I’m intimidating – you must be kidding me, I cry at ads – but it’s a word that’s been levelled at me more times than I care to remember. I always want to look over my shoulder to see who they mean.

Phew, that was tricky! Now I think I’m supposed to tag seven more bloggers, and that’s easy, especially since Charlotte’s already done hers. And the nominees are (in alphabetical order):

Charlotte at How to Shuck an Oyster (who is hereby granted permission to make her 7 traits food, writing and reading related)

David at Quotidian Viscissitudes

Grad at the Curious Reader

Lilian at A Novelist’s Mind

Litlove at Tales from the Reading Room

Pete at Couchtrip (which is cheating a bit since Charlotte also tagged him, so I reckon that earns me a spare…)

Piereth at Castle Green Days

Simonne at Into the Quiet



  1. Catherine said,

    I seem to remember a giggling fit at Varuna regarding horses and Queens that will take some beating.

  2. charlotteotter said,

    It’s definitely an award! A nameless award, but an award nonetheless and one you deserve.

    I love your answers. Number 3 had me laughing. The person who makes me laugh most in the world is my husband. Helps, in a marriage.

  3. Grad said,

    Uh, oh. I guess I’d better think of some stuff to post on my blog. As for your answers, I don’t think you’re scary, but I can see how people might find you intimidating – not YOU personally, of course, but only in the way really smart and clever people can be hard to keep up with – and most of us simply can’t. I can tell you love to talk and laugh and I can hear you doing both through your writing. That’s a good sign for a writer (but keep in mind, what do I know?) The Facebook thing…for weeks my son has been asking if I’ve checked out the new picture of my grandson on his Facebook page. I’m a terrible Facebook friend but I don’t mean to be. And I’m not sure whether that old college friend who invited me to be her friend two months ago hasn’t deleted me from all memory. Go ahead, pour a glass of wine and call the friend overseas. Now, on to the meme.

  4. doctordi said,

    Catherine, that’s making me laugh again now. God that conversation was hilarious. Just think, that rather unsavoury, probably apocryphal detail is at the very core of the Darkling bond. Hmmm. A perverse lot we be.

    Charlotte, woo hoo!! As someone who can’t even win $2 on a scratch lottery ticket, I am thrilled to think you’ve given me an award! It really feels like I’ve won something – a new experience for me. And you’re so, so right, laughter is the key ingredient in this house too. I love making Llew laugh, and he always looks adorably pleased with himself when something he says completely cracks me up. It makes me happy.

    Grad, I guess it’s true there’s a big difference between scary and intimidating. I just don’t see myself as either, although you’re very cute making it more about cleverness so that in your usual gracious way you’ve managed to turn it into a compliment. You always say the nicest things to me… thank you! Yes, the Facebook pressure is intense sometimes… I’ve failed in the updated photo arena myself, frequently neglecting to keep across everyone’s spectacularly gifted children doing just the most adorable things… I think there is such a thing as Facebook Fatigue. I get it, and I think you should definitely claim it so your son doesn’t feel wounded about the as-yet-unseen photo. And I will call my friend. I may call two.

  5. Lilian Nattel said,

    This was so much fun to read. And I love it when my h and I just laugh and laugh. I’ll do mine tomorrow.

  6. doctordi said,

    It’s a very good thing. I’ll look forward to reading yours!

  7. Pete said,

    Thanks for the mention and will post my brief version tomorrow. I loved # 3 and # 1 reminds me that I really need to raise my game in the food department!

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