Always the Way…

August 18, 2009 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

Trouble of the technical variety back at DoctorDi HQ… I am at present sitting in the local laundromat-cum-internet-cafe like a common backpacker because Virgin Broadband chose today to just cease connecting me to the greater world for no apparent reason and with no end in sight. What’s truly incredible about this is that these total breakdowns of communication always coincide with my landing some freelance work. Yes, I am on deadline today, and I have been running between my place and this laundry with a USB key clutched in my tightly clenched fist since earlier today, when my first two articles were due. I’ve just filed the third and final piece, and what I am planning to do now is call someone at Virgin so there’s an audience for the bloodcurdling scream I’ve been wanting to unleash all day.

How does this happen?? It’s monumentally perverse.

I won’t linger, sorry chaps, although there’s plenty of things I’d like to disuss with you all, because I just have to find an explanation for and  solution to my abrupt disconnection, a disconnection that only serves to illustrate how utterly dependent I am – and my sole trader business is – on the web. Without it, I can’t email, which means I can’t file, which means I can’t work, which means I can’t get paid. Obviously USB keys and ports have come to my rescue today and in the past, but there’s no denying how vulnerable my fragile income is to PROVIDER ATTACK, so believe me when I say  I’m going to give the poor hapless soul who takes my call a piece of my mind. I shall return with a proper post unless hostilities continue.



  1. litlove said,

    I feel for you! It’s so unnerving when the internet goes down because we’re so stuck without it. At least my son and I are both as feckless and stunned as if we were running out of oxygen. Sad. Makes me wish I understood computers, too, but frankly that is never going to happen. Do hope you are up and running again VERY soon!

  2. Catherine said,

    I feel for the poor hapless soul.

  3. Fugitive Pieces said,

    Um. Pre-paid wireless as a back-up plan, mebbe (but does the credit expire?) Or persuade your finest Mantown cafe to knit themselves a wireless hotspot, then keep the caffeine coming.
    Otherwise, my heartfelt sympathy. Last time I had a piece due, someone broke in and stole my laptop. Sadly, “the dog ate my homework” isn’t nearly as jammy an excuse in your thirties…

  4. Grad said,

    Aaargh. I hate it when I lose the internet. And it’s ALWAYS as the wrong time. Does this mean you won’t be able to read my boo-hooing at The Curious Reader? This is a really bad day for me too. I’ve been called “un-American.” I mean, like the song says, “call me irresponsible, tell me I’m da’da’da’da (can’t remember the word), throw in unreliable too…” But calling into question my patriotism because I don’t agree with He Who Shall Not Be Named, is…is…AAaaargh. What a bummer today turned out to be. I think I’ll just crawl back into my cave for awhile. Be well, hope things get better.

  5. doctordi said,

    Litlove, I agree. I was a mess yesterday, gripping the sides of the computer and trying to shake the damn internet back to life…

    Catherine, I was very cool, calm and collected until she told me to borrow a Windows computer from a friend. Then I became An Irate Customer.

    Fugitive, I have to say, the laundry was not serving coffee, but they were there for me in my hour – sorry, hours – of need. Repeatedly. Without further incident. And they iron shirts – what’s not to love? Oh my god, having my laptop stolen is my worst nightmare. It’s giving me shudders just typing the words. Boo hiss to home invaders and thieves, they suck.

    Grad, it really is always at the worst possible moment that this happens. And the irony is all I want to do is make it really, really easy for the editor to keep giving me more work. That’s all. And I work really hard at that, so having technology just undo those efforts just kills me. I am heading over to The Curious Reader right now to see just what you’ve been up to, young lady. Don’t worry – even Don DeLillo’s been called a bad citizen; I think it usually ends up being a compliment…

  6. David said,

    It’s too early in the morning here, and I’m now confused by some odd amalgam of laundromat-cum, laptops, and virgins. I either need more sleep, or more coffee.

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