Lady Alzheimer’s is Welcomed Like a Returning Queen

September 2, 2009 at 3:52 am (Uncategorized)

This is what happens when I don’t post for two days. Things happen. I forgot to tell you earlier, sidetracked by ruminations of days long past, that Nana moved to St Andrews today (and further to our apostrophe policing of recent posts, I do know it should be St Andrew’s, but for some reason, it’s not, all their literature and signage says ‘St Andrews.’ These things are sent to try us). A place became available, and we took it. Well, Kate took it, I just agreed it was the thing to do. We never really got past our love affair with the place. Nana had the best experience there, respite was a rousing success, and, personally, I always thought it was even nicer than Crowley (which was still great). The big thing, Kate and I agreed, was the activities. Nana was always involved during that respite stay at St Andrews, always busy doing things, and it just seemed that there were many more things for her to do. We’ve both been worried by, if not quite a lack of activities at Crowley, then Nana’s apparent failure to participate in them. Kate never came across Nana in the middle of something she didn’t want to be torn away from – a regular occurrence during the six week respite at St Andrews. It was a livelier environment, and of course that told on Nana’s own liveliness.

So Kate’s had a filthy morning of it, moving Nana in record time (48 hours this time, and the reason I wasn’t here Monday was that Kate and the kids were in town, so that left, um, this morning, once they got back to Ballina). I won’t focus on the Crowley end of things, which was a bit disappointing, to tell you the truth, almost as though they decided Nana was no longer in their care so therefore, well, what’s it to them if she’s wet herself, but I will tell you about the reception Nana received upon arriving back at St Andrews. According to Kate, it was a hero’s welcome, people rushing up to fuss and coo that Nana was back and oh happy day. Kate said, “If that’s an act, it’s a bloody good one. They seemed genuinely chuffed to have her back.” Ahhhh. Good decision. Nana even recognised a couple of familiar faces – I think that’s probably because St Andrews simply left an overwhelmingly positive impression, even if she couldn’t remember actually being there. Only one thing is bothering me. I wonder what the bedspreads are like?!

POSTSCRIPT: I’ve just called St Andrews and the girls said Nana did actually remember them, which has helped her settle in really well today. They’re still sorting out her phone for her, but I asked to have a word, and when the nurse couldn’t see Nana – she said Nana had latched onto one of the other ladies, which is so cute – she checked with the other girl on duty, and guess what? Nana’s gone to activities. I’m so happy! Good job, Kate!

A little later now, and I am just back from a quick half hour run, during which I saw a whale swimming right in close to shore – a sure sign that Sam and Granddad approve of Nana’s new digs too.



  1. Pete said,

    Good choice re St Andrew’s and it’s nice to hear that your Nana is settling in again so quickly. That run with the whales sounds pretty damn good too.

  2. doctordi said,

    Pete, you’ve just reminded me to add a point about the missing apostrophe… maddening! Yes, I had a lovely call from the RN later on, she said Nana’s eyes lit up when she saw her again – I am so thrilled she does truly seem to recognise their friendly faces. Whales – amazing.

  3. litlove said,

    It sounds like your instincts for your nana were quite right, and I’m delighted if she’s in the best possible place for her now. You need the peace of mind!

  4. Lilian Nattel said,

    How wonderful! That is terrific news.

  5. Grad said,

    Hurrah! I’m so happy for all of you. (And as for missing blogging for a few days, I can’t seem to keep up with my own at all. But I miss yours when you’re not there, so crack the whip, woman, and get to it).

  6. doctordi said,

    Thanks, girls, it is really great. I am so pleased about it. It’s also much more conveniently located for Kate, which doesn’t hurt. And the staff are just LOVELY. Grad, you are such a task mistress! But thank you. It is lovely to be missed. I’ll feel guilty now if I let you down – and guilt avoidance is a cracking motivator.

  7. davidrochester said,

    Oh, that’s wonderful — it’s marvelous that Nana did actually have memories of St. Andrews. And if it’s easier for Kate, that’s also wonderful.

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