The Most Glorious Morning After the Simplest Day

October 19, 2009 at 7:07 am (Uncategorized)

The week has started with whales: a pair of spunky spurters, offshore and looking to be heading south, which at this time of year means they’re wildly off-course. As in, heading completely the wrong way. Maybe they came inshore a bit earlier in the morning and were only just finding their way back out… or maybe they were male whales and refused to ask for directions. Whatever the case, I was very glad to see them. Llew let me know they were out there when he started walking to the ferry (upon reaching which he texted to say there were dolphins and pelicans harbourside – I mean, really, it just never gets old!), so I dragged myself out of bed to catch a glimpse of them before they went under. Some people, I know, awaken feeling bright-eyed and almost frighteningly full of zing, whereas I am always slightly resentful and peeved. Even though I generally find my pep in due course, it does take me a while to wake up. I’m quite grizzly until that moment arrives, and coffee is usually involved in my resurrection. But this is the amazing thing about whales. They cheered me so much that I just wanted to get out there with them, so I went for a nice long run, jumped in the surf, and was at my desk with my cup of coffee just before 9 o’clock. It’s a beautiful day, and they did motivate me to enjoy it.

I’ve spent the remainder here at my desk researching my last story before the Shanghai Surprise begins. And here it is already after six. My word these longer days go faster. Oh, and before I forget, my third Varuna post is now up.

My sister-in-law was supposed to come over for brunch yesterday, but Llew had to go into the office all day – actually, what am I saying? He was there all night too, getting home after 10 pm on a Sunday – so instead I was left to my own devices. This turned out to be a very good thing, because I was and remain pretty shattered, and I needed that stillness we were talking about a little while ago. Hence I slept in until a thoroughly shameful hour, then decided to wander over the headland to Freshwater with nothing more than my book (I’m appalled to admit I’m still reading Lilian’s The River Midnight because I’ve been so under the pump), parking myself at the Pilu cafe, the low-key little outdoor annex that’s opened up beside the main (very good with special occasion prices to boot) Pilu restaurant, surely one of the great sites of Sydney. Really glorious. So I sat back with Lilian’s vilda hayas, a coffee and a toasted sandwich, lamented Llew’s absence, and then decided I’d just have to struggle bravely on without him on this occasion. Yes, it was terribly hard work as I’m sure you can imagine. I stretched my stay until they closed by ordering another coffee, then walked back home for some more sunshine and reading in my courtyard. Truly I can’t remember the last time I was able to just read my book for virtually a whole day like that. It was wonderful. Blissful. I shan’t be leaving it so long again.



  1. Grad said,

    When I first read this, I mistakenly read, “it takes me a whale to wake up” rather than “a while.” “Dead clever, that Di,” I chuckled. Looks like I need “a new level of thickness” in my readers. The eyes are always the second thing to go. Anyway, this post makes me feel happy, and your day sounds wonderful and well deserved.

    • doctordi said,

      I only wish I were as clever as you, Graddikins – that’s the perfect line! I wish I’d thought of it! It was a good day. I needed it and can recommend it. xx

  2. Lilian Nattel said,

    I love Grad’s misreading. It does take a whale to wake me up, too. Unfortunately we are short on whales in Toronto, so I get up groggy and snappy because I have to get the kids to brush their teeth and so on and out the door. It would be nice to wake up peppy and bright eyed. Does anyone?

    • doctordi said,

      Lilian, I’ve got some friends who honestly throw off the covers and leap from bed like it’s Christmas morning every bloody day of their lives. Spending a weekend with them makes me hate them a little bit. And old people love a 4 am start. Llew’s parents push it out until about 6 am, but they’re up and at ’em with military precision.

  3. kate4samh said,

    I am not a morning person either. Unfortunately nobody told your little niece. Who has been waking up between 4.30am and 5.30am each morning. Your whales are cool though!

    • doctordi said,

      Naughty little niece! But who can stay cross? She’s way too cute. And whales don’t deliver early morning cuddles, so you’ve got an edge.

  4. Silindile Ntuli said,

    I have the worst case of insomnia so I hate waking up because it’s usually after an hour of sleep. Oh but I love whales, I’ve always wished to swim with them…

  5. doctordi said,

    Oh, Silindile, I do suffer from insomnia quite often too, and there’s nothing like it for killing the love of a breaking dawn. It’s a really terrible condition, in my view. I hope you find a way to deal with yours as it sounds more severe than my own. Sometimes I dream I’m swimming with whales.

  6. litlove said,

    Love Grad’s misread – I’m still in the whale it takes to wake (and medicating myself with blog posts until I do so). Sunday sounds a delicious day, Di, and I’d like one of those days Right Now in fact. Whaddyamean I’ve got to get up and get dressed and see students? 😉

  7. doctordi said,

    I hope you get that day soon, LL – I do thoroughly recommend it. Grad’s misread is an instant classic.

  8. jactaylor said,

    i’m sitting on my hands, trying my best not to make anything out of “spunky spurters”.

  9. doctordi said,

    Well, darling, they are sperm whales, after all…

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