Were You Talking to Me?

December 2, 2009 at 7:31 am (Uncategorized)

Another job came in this afternoon, so I really should be transcribing the interview so that tomorrow morning isn’t a COMPLETE nightmare, but I’d so much rather chat with all of you… okay, yes, technically I’m talking to myself right now, but do we really need to focus on that? I don’t think so. And okay, true, I’m totally transparent, I won’t deny it, I am using you all as a procrastination party, but hey, think of it this way: everyone’s invited.

So, I’ve got a story for you. I was walking to the ferry with Llew this morning because I had an IVF appointment in town at 8 am. He asked me what was going to happen at the clinic, and as I started to explain it to him, we came across a bunch of guys unloading a truck behind one of the pubs. They were rolling kegs of beer, opening trap doors, fiddling with equipment. I glanced over at Llew. His mouth was slightly open, his eyes were hungrily following the progress of the kegs, and he looked like he was going into some kind of trance. At that moment, I knew, without any doubt at all, that he was no longer listening to me. We passed the hub of activity and I cast him another sidelong.

“So anyway,” I said casually, “did you catch any of that, or were you too distracted by all the pretty lights?”

Llew instantly snapped out of it, only to nearly fall into the gutter laughing, one of those, ‘How did you know?’ fits of laughter that overtake him whenever we both know I’ve caught him out on the full.

“But… but…it was a really bigĀ truck,” he said, and then it all came out in a rush, “and, you know, there was beer involved, and there was all this activity, it was action stations, and I bet there was going to be a forklift, any second they were going to bring out that forklift, and… and…”

“And it was just all too exciting for you, wasn’t it?”

This happens a lot, hence my comprehending his lost attention in the actual second of its demise. I think these days Llew probably hears about 15 percent of what I say, even when he’s trying really, really hard to concentrate. He’s like those cartoons you see of what dogs hear: “Blah blah blah ROVER…. blah blah blah blah ROVER…. blah blah…” – that’s my husband, pretty much in a nutshell. At least when I’m talking – maybe some people do better and hold his attention longer, but I think my own averages get lower year on year. It’s like I’m losing 5 percentage points of attention paid every year we’re together. At this rate, he won’t even be responding to his own name by the time he’s 42.

So you see, I’m perfectly used to talking to myself – this blog is almost exactly like home!


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Oh. My. God.

December 1, 2009 at 12:24 am (Uncategorized)

I simply DO NOT believe it. Wow. Tony Abbott – arch conservative – has just been elected leader of the Liberal Party, ousting Malcolm Turnbull by one vote. Joe Hockey was knocked out in the first round of voting. I don’t believe it! Are the Libs OUT OF THEIR PANICKED MINDS??? Look, I don’t really believe most people in Australia vote along traditional party lines anymore – certainly not in my age group – particularly not as the differences between the two parties have contracted in their ongoing fight to win ‘the hearts and minds’ of that big, amorphous, easily distracted slush of ‘Middle Australia.’ But I do think this one will divide ’em and divide ’em good. I wouldn’t vote for Tony Abbott if he were the only politician in the race. I believe pretty strongly the man’s a hypocrite as well as a bit of a nut. I am floored. I thought Hockey and Turnbull were the two genuine contenders; I didn’t take Abbott seriously for one second, and this leadership victory is like waking up in a deeply unpalatable parallel universe. I need to go wash my hands.

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