Drum Roll, Please!

May 19, 2010 at 8:30 am (Uncategorized)

Just a short one today from back here in the wings. The spotlight is trained on centre-stage, and it gives me great pride and pleasure to hereby post this link to the winning entries of the 2010 Josephine Ulrick Literature Award, where you’ll find Darkling JB’s name and story heading the bill. Enjoy!



  1. Grad said,

    I’m heading for the link. (And I almost missed your last post…being bodacious is my goal in life!)

  2. Grad said,

    I’ve just finished reading The Geometry Lesson. I am over-whelmed…speechless really. Not one superfluous word, perfectly balanced…beautiful doesn’t seem to say enough. This one will stay with me for a long time. JB Darkling deserved the prize. Golly…thanks.

  3. Jewelene Barrile said,

    Thanks so much Di & Grad.

    Nothing like a hearty pat on the back from another writer!


  4. doctordi said,

    Grad’s response is just the sort of thing to keep a girl warm in winter, eh, Darkling?! xx

  5. Pete said,

    Di, thanks for posting the link. I’ve just finished The Geometry Lesson and it was brilliant. Hard to explain at 7.30am but I agree with Grad about the balance and the beauty of the writing. And I loved the way JB worked in Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. And part of the story’s beauty is the way I suddenly want to find out more about those people and their relationships. Of course there’s the Freudian association of the oedipal triangle as well. Class.

  6. doctordi said,

    Yes, we’ve all responded so strongly to the Sendak from the beginning, as well as to JB’s really beautiful, sensual engagement with the article of faith. Her descriptions of books are delicious. So happy you enjoyed it so much, Pete!

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