Tales of the Unexpected

August 19, 2010 at 8:05 am (Uncategorized)

Interesting. Over a thousand words of notes just poured out of me about a completely new idea for a novel.  Where on earth do these things come from? First came a company name. Then a protagonist’s name. And then a strange scenario starting forming in my mind. That’s when I quickly opened a new Word doc and just jotted down the first thoughts. The vital statistics. I feel better now, like I’ve caught a cloud. I’ve thrown a little loose rope around an idea, and now – hopefully – it won’t drift away from me while I attend to other things. I wonder what wisps like to eat…

POSTSCRIPT: make that over two thousand. Well, then. Whaddya know…?!



  1. Pete said,

    Sounds great. What to feed it with? I would guess some words.

  2. piereth said,

    Wonderful, wonderful!! I love that feeling of getting a missive from the basement guys… I hope it continues to pour out!

    And LOVELY to hear that Bump Drums are happening.. I used to get up at 5am and go donwstairs and commune with Rowan before he was born – I swear we’re closer because of it. And he loves hearing about how I used to talk to him when he was teeny tiny in mummy’s tummy xxx

    • doctordi said,

      Thanks, Piereth love, and I must tell you that I have *never* received the basement guys in the parlour in quite this way before. I’m usually lucky if they leave a calling card. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever experienced something a little closer to what I’ve heard and read other writers describe, and it made an exciting change from the usual slog for a decent idea.

      Communing – that’s a lovely way to characterise it. I’m enjoying playing the Bump Drum – it does feel like communication, doesn’t it? I think this child will be born being comforted by the sound of tapping keys – the main soundtrack of its gestation. I’m hoping this’ll help me to continue writing once he or she joins us outside!

  3. Grad said,

    Wish something like that would happen to me (sigh). Alas, no “aha” moments for as yet. I was thinking of writing a short story for a national competition that takes place next year, but I just sit there thumping my fingers on my forehead in vain. If there’s an idea in there, it’s apparently stuck.

    • doctordi said,

      Graddikins, that’s a great idea, you must! Next year gives you plenty of time, and deadlines are terrific things to help get one started. What about the Girl Graduate?? Maybe revisit her and see if anything dislodges…?

  4. Lilian Nattel said,

    Way to go! It sounds like it’s got energy. 🙂

    • doctordi said,

      Thanks, Lilian – time will tell, of course, but it was certainly active yesterday!

  5. Jodie said,

    Good going, I kind of want to know what the company name is but best not to spook the wisp. I think they like rainbow coloured cotton candy btw, at least that’s what I’d feed ’em to flesh them out (also a heavy wisp can’t run fast).

    • doctordi said,

      And I’m busting to share it, Jodie, but as I think it will end up being the title of the whole, I think I’d best let the wisp linger in the shadows at this stage. Ah yes, spun sugar – a major rush might be just the thing!

  6. plumbean said,

    ‘caught a cloud’ is a brilliant phrase. i am not remotely surprised that wonderful ideas showed up on your doorstep!

  7. litlove said,

    Blogliines wouldn’t let me comment on the previous post, but SO lovely to feel the baby kick. I just adored that sense of communication and oneness when I was pregnant. And I remember reading on another blog the excellent advice that when writing you should always follow the energy, just go with whatever you HAD to write because it was consuming, rather than had to write out of obligation.

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