Quarantined at Spew HQ

June 14, 2011 at 1:39 am (Uncategorized)

The Thumb Chronicles continue… Master J and I are both unwell and out of sorts, but he is currently having a cuddle snooze – it’s a pleasant sort of tyranny – and I wanted to check in before you abandon me entirely to let you know the conspiring elements currently preventing me from blogging. Talk about a shit week.
For some reason, it was long before it began. I was hanging out for A’s two hours on Tuesday, until she called and cancelled. Thursday, I thought. I just have to get to Thursday. Wednesday night she called to end the entire and it must be said mostly theoretical arrangement. No problem this end, she just has to work in the shop because someone has left. I was gutted.
Or I thought I was gutted until Llew broke it to me that he’d be working every day and night of the long weekend. My interminable week stretched painfully ahead by another three days just as my throat grew sore for the second time in as many weeks, so I couldn’t even take Master J visiting. Better yet, Llew’s current work pressure has meant he’s missed the nighttime routine three nights and counting. No immediate end is in sight – no picnic for him and certainly exhausting for me. I started coughing up gigantic green globs – the type that occasion a full body shudder each time one is successfully launched off my chest and into the sink – Saturday just to complement my mood, and yesterday I lost my voice… My lifelong constitution has apparently abandoned me and left behind someone sickly instead… It all started with profound hairloss and lankness and it’s been downhill from there.
So my long week of last week has morphed into two, two more extreme weeks than usual given Llew’s office hours at present. I have a nearly-finished draft of a post about this year’s Archibald Prize and I’ll try to save enough energy today to finish it off once I’ve put Master J down tonight. I wrote it around the corner Saturday morning, in the hour and a hour I begged to myself before Llew had to get into work. I’m pretty fucked, actually, thanks to sickness and tiredness – and don’t they gang up on a girl, the bullies – but I have been dancing it out with Master J whenever I have started feeling like howling. I can recommend early Michael Jackson and the Scissor Sisters for a good old fashioned sunroom shuffle on a miserable winter’s day. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, that no good absconder. Blame it on the boogie.


  1. Lilian Nattel said,

    awwww, sending you lots and lots of sympathy and good wishes for a much better week soon.

  2. Woo said,

    Poor you, how completely buggering to have your usual good health abandon you just when you need it most. And the sleeplessness can’t be helping, either.

    Sounds as though you’ve hit on the best solution with the sunroom shuffling. I find I always have recourse to Georgette Heyer when I’m sick, especially when the weather is lousy as it was this long weekend. So I sneezed and drank cups of tea and withdrew to Regency England 🙂

    Hope the light at the end of your tunnel zooms closer soon.

  3. litlove said,

    I really sympathise – and indeed, empathize. When my son was little we moved from bug to bug for a while; the immune system takes such a battering when you’re feeding a child and losing sleep and being kept on the frantic treadmill that is entertaining a baby all day long. Boost your vitamin intake in a big way and carve out as much peace of mind for yourself as possible. I say this, of course, remembering how incredibly hard that is (and worse when you’re a babysitter down). Draft in help any way you can and take the very best care of yourself. Sending hugs.

    • Jenny said,

      I’m with litlove. draft in help if at all possible. Get another babysitter. Oh, and make Llew slow down, for god’s sake! Lots of love and sympathy xx

  4. Pete said,

    Hugs and vitamin C (or whatever else works) definitely in order. Sorry about the babysitter and hope you get a new one soon. But glad to hear that you’re dancing some of the blues away to Michael J.

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