Final Varuna Feature for 2011

December 8, 2011 at 12:21 am (Uncategorized)

Also, my final feature for the year is now up on the Varuna site. It’s on narrative voice and if anyone’s interested, you will find it here.



  1. litlove said,

    I wasn’t quite sure where to leave a comment on the Varuna site, Di, so I thought I’d leave it here, hope that’s okay! I really enjoyed your piece on narrative voice, but after decades of studying literature, my own feeling is that those chameleon-y writers are few and far between. Most writers not only use the same voice across their work, but write the same story over and over again with a few variations. I think most fiction writers have one basic fascination or obsession and they play it out in varying ways. The issue for most writers is how to find the story that suits their voice (the way that all those talent shows prove how even good singers have to find the right kind of song). I think that every book has something to teach a writer in the process of its writing, but that not every book can be rewritten into a commercial product (and there are huge differences between the stories we need to explore and the stories we are able to sell). I am sure that you will find your story, and that once you find it you will be off and running, and in the meantime, you have a unique and wonderful voice, so you are half way there. That’s more than most people can say!

  2. Grad said,

    I feel as though we haven’t talked in a long time…wait a second…we *haven’t* talked in a long time…sheesh! Okay, I’m running over to Varuna right now and read your piece. My New Year resolution will be to check in on a more regular basis with my blog buds.

  3. Grad said,

    Oh no…when I try the link it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s my security system. I have a new laptop and am already having issues. (Gotta be the laptop and not the laptop user, right?)

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