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August 8, 2013 at 5:57 am (Uncategorized)


It’s been so long I hardly know how to begin. I’ve thought of writing many times since my last post – lord knows there have been inducements aplenty since I left you – but the decommissioning of DoctorDi remains for the time being unchanged.

I miss the blogging gang terribly. You know who you are. I don’t want to lose sight of any of you and hope you’ll forgive that my visits to all your blogs are still so sporadic for the time being. I’m getting there. I’ll keep coming.

For now I just wanted to leave some sort of forwarding address, I guess, since I am still doing a bit of writing online and in May was part of something wonderful at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

I’m still doing the Monthly Feature for Varuna, the Writers’ House; the August feature is called ‘The Anatomy of Effort’. I often interview Varuna authors on their latest books, otherwise I write about some aspect of the craft and/or the writing life. The most popular feature in recent times was undoubtedly ‘Giving it Away,’ about the epidemic of unpaid writing. Please feel very welcome to call in and see me at the Varuna page any time.

And if you’re interested in live, unscripted storytelling, I co-curated and presented the Australian launch of 5×15 at the Sydney Writers’ Festival with the SWF’s new artistic director, the gorgeous Jemma Birrell. Five speakers speaking fifteen minutes apiece brought down the house, in this case Sydney Theatre. It was terribly thrilling for me personally and the response has been overwhelmingly generous (thanks to our five brilliant and diverse speakers). Thanks to the ABC, you can watch (yes, watch!) the whole thing here.

Yes, I was unbelievably nervous. And yes, you can tell.

If you’re in London and New York, do get along to 5×15, the line up is always surprising and exciting. You can check out future programs and book tickets here.

And that’s all she wrote… at least for here and now. I haven’t figured out if I’ll be coming back to DoctorDi or not, but I’m happy to report that I am reading, I am writing, I am well. And I miss you. Be happy, be healthy. I’ll come find you as often as I can.


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